How to increase clinical success with clear aligners


Audience: General practitioners, Orthodontist
AGD Code: 370
SAC: Advanced
Type: Lecture/Participation
CE credit: 7.0 Hours
Tuition: $350.00 CAD + Taxes

October 27, 2023
8:00am to 4:00pm EST

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In this full-day workshop, we will focus on a deeper understanding of clear aligner therapy from the biomechanics of tooth movement to treatment planning using the most recent technologies offered on the market. You will learn how to gain efficiency using aligners, how to analyze a case using the treatment plan software, how to plan your case efficiently to reduce the number of revisions and how to communicate properly with technicians and review biomechanics principles and aligner protocols. A hands-on portion will cover how to use the software for planning and analyzing your cases, modify tooth positioning and engagers, recommended and non-recommended IPR and other tips and tricks for a successful treatment. In this course we will review moderate and difficult cases such as open bite, deep bite, class 2 and class 3 corrections, cross-bite and mixed dentition cases.


• Follow treatment plan preferences webinar

• Know how to submit a case


• Increase predictability in your treatment plan through careful

planning, analyzing and staging the case

• Case examples of moderate and difficult cases with deep, open

and cross bite as well as mixed dentition

• Understanding clear aligner therapy

• Gain efficiency using aligners

• How to troubleshoot your case and prevent potential problems

• Case analysis and treatment planning

• Review of biomechanics principles and aligner protocols

• Hands on software review

• Increase predictability

• Case review


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